These are the best pictures from this year’s Pimp My Barrow

But did you even make it to the LCR?

It was warm, it was boozy, and it was the envy of everyone who still had exams. But did you make it into our best pictures round-up?

Best barrows

The very hungry caterpillar

The very hungry caterpillar

pmb 11

Art students were involved

only fools and horses

The winning barrow

Best costumes

pmb 1

Breaking the internet xoxox


Pregnant Phoebe was a fave


Best couple

pmb best couple

Best tribute to UEA

pmb 6

Ziggurats 4 lyf

pmb 7

Dishevelled but beautiful like the barrow

Best alcohol storage

pmb 2

Booze in  the boxes and barrow = winning



Best squad

pmb 384902348

Such beauty

pmb iguyg