Uni accommodation prices set to rise

As if we’re not paying enough

Accommodation fees are set to rise in September 2015.

The price increase will see the cost of living in the University Village rise by 3.4 per cent despite the fact the standard student loan is only being raised by 3.3 per cent.

It’s estimated that this will add a cool three million to UEA’s piggy bank – none of which will be reinvested into student housing.

The decision was made in June behind closed doors and the University is now refusing to openly consult with the Union on the proposed price hikes, only agreeing to discuss how the cash will be distributed.

A University spokesperson said: “The University and the Union are currently in discussion about rents for the next academic year.

“Another meeting will be held in the first week of December when further information requested by the Union will be discussed.”

The promised consultations have been labelled a “sham” and the decision to rack up flat prices has been widely criticised by the Union.

Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer Holly Staynor said: “The University has gone from promising a consultation with students over rents to hiking up the cost behind closed doors.

“In the current financial climate, students need rent increases like a hole in the head.”

NUS Delegate Adam Curtis said: “I’m outraged. The fact that some prices are now higher than the maximum loan is ridiculous. I want to know where the extra money is going to.”

The out-of-touch University sub-committee has reportedly defended its decision by comparing the new prices to twenty of the poshest universities in the country.

A Union spokesman said: “In comparing its rents with other universities to justify increases, the University selectively analysed 23 universities – 21 of which have fewer state school pupils amongst their student body and 20 of which have a greater percentage of poor students amongst their student body.”