Oh UEA is wonderful!

And anyone who disagrees is an idiot

UEA is wonderful. If the song says it – it must be true.

We’ve rounded up all the facts and figures to prove once and for all that UEA is undoubtably the best.

We’ve got the stats

Our beloved concrete jungle has really come into its own over the last year. UEA reached its highest ranking at 14th place in The Guardian ‘University League Table 2015’, soaring ahead of York, Birmingham and Leicester.

Even revision looks good at UEA

UEA also won the 2014 WhatUni? Student Choice Awards for Clubs and Societies. And we came fourth in The Times Student Satisfaction Survey this year with 93% satisfaction (Essex came 14th-we’re not gloating, promise).

But what makes UEA really cut the mustard (pardon the Norwich mustard pun) is its eccentricity and quirks. It’s what makes us stand out against all the other UK universities. From the LCR to our worshipping of Greg James, UEA is wonderful, and here’s why…


There is no denying that the LCR is essentially a glorified school hall. But there is something quite endearing about a place where you can dress up as a frog and look underdressed.

For the croaks…

The revoltingly sticky floors, jagerbombs, which aren’t quite jagerbombs, and gushing reunions with people you haven’t seen since your 9am lecture are the standard in the LCR.

Particular highlights of the academic year include the Disney and St Paddy’s themed nights. Singing ‘Heigh Ho’ from ‘Snow White’ whilst marching and holding an imaginary pickaxe over my shoulder and jigging around the LCR in full leprechaun get-up were high points of my academic life.

Everyone’s up for having a good time, showcasing their awful dance moves. There is no other place to be on a Tuesday or Saturday.

Don’t take the Mickey

The most ‘Instagram-able’ uni

If unis were rated on their Instagram potential, UEA would undoubtedly come out on top. Take your pick from the Grade II listed ziggurats majestically towering over campus, the beautiful lake or the bunnies that roam the campus.

The wonderful matrimony of our beautiful campus and a valencia filter produces a shot to be envied by universities across the UK.

We’ve got ponies on our campus – what have you got?

The city itself

In the words of Stephen Fry: ‘Norwich is a fine city. None Finer’ and seeing as what Stephen Fry says is practically law I see no reason to disagree with this.

Granted, Chapelfield isn’t up to much. But once you get to the end of the high street and venture into The Lanes, Norwich really earns its status as a top 10 UK City.

A true hipster haven with quaint vintage jewellery and clothes shops and more tea rooms and niche restaurants than you can shake a stick at. It all makes Norwich pretty tough competition in the battle of university cities.

No wonder we won Great British Hight Street of the Year.

The Bicycle Shop on St Benedict’s Street

Greg James is a God

Before you came to UEA, if someone asked your opinion on Greg James it would be something along the lines of “you mean that tall DJ on radio 1? Yeah he’s pretty cool” or maybe even “Greg who?”

When you came to UEA this all changed.

Photo: @uniofeastanglia

Greg is worshiped as a God here on campus. The full effects of Gregism are all too apparent during his annual fresher’s week DJ set, where he is met by the hysteria of UEA students.

The Beatles stopped performing in the late 60s as they couldn’t be heard over the adoring crowds – I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘ol Greg is next.

When you go home at Christmas it doesn’t stop there. When the ‘battle of the alumni’ begins at the pub with your mates, your Greg James card will always come out on top.

He’s one of us

Of all the hugely successful alumni including Baroness Amos, the first black cabinet minister, and award winning author Ian McEwan, Greg James is a clear winner with students.

He represents everything great about UEA – a bit unknown, awkwardly cool and down to earth.

So there. Next time your snobby mate asks you “why the hell would you want to live in Norwich?” show them this article and tell them to shut up.