We asked you why you didn’t vote in the NUS elections

‘NUS what?’

Last week, NUS Delegate Elections took place on campus – no we didn’t know either.

UEA students were given the chance to vote on who they wanted to send to NUS council.

Elections were also held for NUS LGBT+ Conference and NUS Women’s Conference.

A grand total of 215 students turned out to vote. That’s just 1 per cent of the student population. Leaving current Undergraduate Officer, Connor Rand, to power to victory with a whopping 57 first preference votes.

So why didn’t anyone vote? And why does no one care about the NUS? We hit the streets to ask some students what they thought

Bex, Natural Sciences 

“I’ve had so many deadlines, I’ve kind of been in isolation. I didn’t know there were elections going on. I’ve had other things to do”

Kristine, Society Media and Culture

“I have no idea what this is about. What were the elections? What were they for?”

Adam, Economics

“Normally around student election there are flyers and banners everywhere – you can’t escape them. They didn’t have that for this election so I completely forgot about it”

Sam, Law 

“I usually vote in student elections but I didn’t really know this one was happening or where to vote. There should have been more publicity”

Peter, Economics

“I didn’t vote because I don’t care. Does anyone?”

And then we managed to find someone who actually did vote

Ross, Law

“I actually did vote in the election, I always vote in these things because I want to exercise my right to vote”