Meet the godlike genius who posted an introductory video of himself to fellow freshers

Wouldn’t life be better if we were all more like UEA fresher Thomas Rees?


Thomas Rees: film fanatic, Shropshire saint, and UEA’s newest BNOC.

The first few days of university are daunting for any student.

You may have heard, seen, even dreamt about how you’re going to make that all-important first impression on your flatmates, but 18-year-old Thomas from Shropshire took a different approach.

Tom posted an introductory video on the UEA Freshers 2014-15 Facebook group. He gained immediate hero status.

Already with over a thousand YouTube views in less than a week, Tom is paving his way to becoming a BNOC.


Entitled “An Introduction to Thomas Rees”, the video is two minutes and 50 seconds of telly gold.

Speaking exclusively to The Tab, Tom revealed that he has always felt a need to aspire to more than what he was given in life.

He said: “I’m from Shropshire, which is a nice place to live but ultimately a bit dull.”

It seems then that making YouTube videos gives him a new lease of life and a chance to show the world his creative talents – something he’ll need when he begins his Film and Television Studies degree next week.

Tom has a very colourful wardrobe

UEA has seen its fair share of famous graduates, from the likes of Radio 1’s Greg James and everybody’s fourth favourite Doctor, Matt Smith. But never has it seen a Fresher of the artistic calibre as Tom Rees.

Potentially Norwich’s answer to Steven Spielberg, Tom believes he’s got what it takes to really excel in the television industry: “I saw one person making a text introduction on the University Village Freshers’ page, and thought I could take it to the next level.

Tom also plays the microphone

Tom also plays the microphone

“I came up with the idea in that font-of-all-human-creativity, the shower.”

Tom feels ready for uni and living the fresher life – as he says in his video, “Adult life can come at me, bro.”

One of our personal favourite moments

Tom also owns a fetching set of knives

But the most genius moment comes when the cameraman chants the fresher favourite ‘down it!’ as the visionary director gulps what appears to be a glass of vodka, before revealing it’s actually…WATER.

The shock is staggering. Tom confessed to us that he doesn’t like hot drinks either, saying “there’s clearly something wrong with me.”

Tom also drinks water

The response to the video hasn’t been all five star reviews. One user commented on the post with simply, “Woeful”, and another said “I literally cannot handle this”.

While his critics may be at large, Tom explained to us that it was meant as a joke.

“It was definitely intended as a comedy piece, though everything I say is true.

“I guess I took the conclusions I imagined people coming to about me, and turned it into self-deprecating humour before anyone else could do the deprecating for me.”


The creative process took much time and dedication. Tom said: “It took a few hours of filming, a few hours of editing – keeping it lo-fi increases the (intended) naff-ness.”

And the fans have already begun swarming in, it seems.

“Now through this I’ve met loads more people, like fellow musicians. I have had loads of new friend requests, a few new followers. I’m now over 50 followers on Twitter.

“But what matters most to me is that my music ( has had a (relative) surge in listens – that’s the output I’m most proud of.”

Tom also has a Mac

Tom also has a Mac

He may be just making his name at UEA, but Tom is already a house-hold name back home in Shropshire.

“Without wanting to sound too desperate, I have plenty of friends – but I don’t think they’re as appreciative of my humour as the lovely people at UEA are.”

And it seems that there could be a box-set in the pipeline.

“Literally as this interview came through I was busy writing a spin-off to this video about me as a naff superhero called ‘Beta Bloke’. I have plans for a series. Maybe the, er, ‘Golden Fleece’ should be my cape.

“I’ve written one feature film script – a sci-fi drama, which I thought was cool when I wrote it, but reading it since I now realise it is super cheesy. Otherwise it’s short films with a mix of comedy, drama and surrealism.”

The 'Golden Fleece'. Just no.

Tom also owns a Golden Fleece

If you’re off to any other university this month, you’ll be sorry to hear that UEA students are going to be Tom’s exclusive audience.

“I think my UEA-based audience is too niche to spread the appeal to the internet at large.”

And if any fellow students think Tom’s video makes him look a bit of a twat, then he’s got something to say: “Well, we’re humans, we’re not really built to agree with each other. The positive reaction has been overwhelming enough anyway, so I’m not too fussed.”

Tom also owns a glass

Tom also owns a glass

Tom also explained that the video itself was largely non-scripted. “I didn’t write anything because the whole video was improvised.

“As for the jokes, it’s mostly me, but some credit has to go to my cameraman for coining ‘the Golden Fleece’ and small visual gags, such as the bloodied shirt behind me when I hold the knives.”

Tom also owns a Twitter account

And, with great power comes great responsibility. For all you loyal, die-hard fans, Tom has a question to ask you about his LCR attire.

“Here I have a dilemma – do I wear the Golden Fleece and possibly get the attention of my peers? Or do I leave it behind because it’s really a bit hot to wear outside of the Arctic Circle? Such is my life.”