The 10 Best Moments of Antiques Roadshow at UEA

UEA graced the nation’s screens on Antiques Roadshow. Here’s our 10 favourite moments

De dum, de dum, de dum, de dum… we know you’re humming the Antiques Roadshow Theme Tune already. This week, it graced our glorious campus, and we’ve picked out our best moments.

1. This 1950’s kitchen set

It’s better than any kitchen in Norfolk Terrace…this guy chooses to keep it in his garage.

2. This cabinet collection of crazy canaries

Have you ever seen a better display of Norwich pride? This man also had a booootiful accent to match

3. This man’s beard

A undoubtably priceless antique in itself

4. This man serenading us with…something

He found this trumpet in the desert in Afghanistan. Sing along if you know the words!

5. This death mask

Not many universities can claim their Vice-Chancellor owns Gladstone’s death mask. Oh UEA…

6. This pricey bird

This tiny bird statue was valued at £5000 – that’s over 3000 LCR jägerbombs!

7. This lady’s terrifying toy box

As if your essay deadlines weren’t giving you nightmares already. These lovely ladies include real human hair wigs and were valued at over £1,500

8. This near-catastrophic accident

Just after being valued at over £300 each, the smaller dolls in the collection were knocked over! Could have made a nice find for a loan-struck student.

9. This masterpiece

Who needs an art department when you’ve got masking tape?

10. And of course the best moment…getting to see our beautiful campus in all its summery glory

Come back soon sunshine. We all miss you!

If you missed Antiques Roadshow (although we’re sure you’re an avid viewer) don’t panic – it’s still on iPlayer to watch at your own viewing leisure.