Outlawed: Members of the public to be banned from the LCR

SU statement confirms Tab report

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Members of the public are to be banned from the student bar and the LCR, The Union confirmed tonight.

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In a statement issued this evening, the Union announced that they have decided to limit entry to the LCR and bars to students, staff, alumni and invited guests.

As of yet there has been no confirmation as to how this will be enforced.

This follows a spate of violent attacks on campus on LCR clubnights last semester.

The University have released a statement supporting this decision.

Registrar Brian Summers said: “We very much support the Student Union’s decision to review the access to its licensed premises.

“While we offer a number of events which welcome the public onto campus,  we agree that the bars and club nights should focus on the student body and meeting their needs.”

The policy will not affect friends of UEA students visiting the LCR, as they will be permitted as guests of Union members.

Members of the public will still be allowed to attend gigs at the LCR.

The Tab originally printed this story, making very clear that our sources were unofficial on the afternoon of 19 September, but removed it at the request of the Union. It has now been confirmed by a number of unofficial sources and a statement from the Union.

What do you think of the banning of members of the public from the LCR? Will this really make campus safer? Let us know in the comments section.