A Manchester student house with Pride flag in the window has been egged

‘When I saw it I had a little cry, I wouldn’t expect this here’

On Monday, a Manchester student house with a Pride flag in the window was egged.

The students, who live in Withington, told The Tab Manchester they have been left feeling “sad and disheartened” after two eggs were thrown at the Pride flag over their door and their front window.

Egg on a window

They were out at the time so they didn’t see who did it. They think “it’s probably just a few kids being nasty” but are worried that it may be indicative of more serious hostility.

Ray, one of the students, told The Tab Manchester: “We are known on the street as ‘the gay house’ in a very positive way, since most of the street is LGBT.”

They hosted a housewarming party when they moved in and met everyone. He said it is a lovely community and the house have received messages of support from neighbours after the incident.

Ray said: “Part of me wonders if whoever threw the eggs gets back and I’m there looking gay and trans af then what is going to stop them harassing me at my doorstep?”

They refuse to be intimidated, and have decided to keep the flag up – “cos why should I hide it?”

They said they haven’t reported the incident to the police because they “do not believe in the policing system.”

If you or someone you know has been affected by this story you can contact Switchboard, the LGBTQ+ helpline, on 0300 330 0630 or visit their website. You can also find help through young people’s charity The Mix, and Galop, the LGBTQ+ anti-violence charity. 

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