In pictures: This weekend’s Kill The Bill protest in Manchester

Thousands turned out to protest the Tory’s new policing bill

Across the country, thousands have been gathering to protest a proposed government bill that would increase police powers and place strict restrictions on people’s right to protest. Critics have called it “deeply authoritarian” and a threat to “free expression”.

In Manchester, a protest led by feminist group Sisters Uncut rallied in St Peter’s square before peacefully marching through the city centre.

It comes at a time when there is already immense anger at police violence following the murder of Sarah Everard and condemnation of their heavy-handed response to a recent peaceful vigil at Clapham Common.

Here’s everything that happened at Manchester’s Kill The Bill protest this weekend:

Protestors began their march past Central Library

Thousands occupied the streets across the city centre

“End gendered violence”

Protestors filled St Peter’s square for hours

“I’m the only thing men should call a bitch”

Activists called out the architect of the bill, Home Secretary Priti Patel

Plenty of flares were set off throughout the march

The controversial bill would make protests which cause “serious annoyance” illegal

Impassioned speakers led chants of “no justice no peace”

Many see the bill as a direct threat to the right to free speech and protest

“Why the fuck is my safety a political debate?” (Credit: Lily Scior-Lewis)

Credit: Lily Scior-Lewis

The bill has for now been delayed but the government is still expected to attempt to pass it at a later stage, with future protests not ruled out.

Last night in Bristol, peaceful protests escalated into a stand-off between riot police and protestors outside of a local police station.

Pepper spray, police dogs, mounted police and batons were all used on the crowds as they clashed and police vehicles were set alight.

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