Freshers jump out of first-floor window to avoid security called to a halls party

One joked ‘the hospital’s gonna be full in the morning’

Students have been filmed jumping out of a halls of residence window, to avoid security.

It is believed the videos were filmed after security were called to a gathering at University of Salford’s Peel Park Quarter accommodation.

The videos show multiple people inside flats, with several climbing through first-floor windows and jumping out. People stand below, helping catch some students, but some simply drop down, unaided.

In one video, a student can be heard joking about “halls security,” and another seems to show security speaking with a number of students.

One person in a video jokes “Salford Royal [Hospital]’s gonna be full in the morning,” and another laughs whilst watching someone drop from a first-floor window.

The University of Salford has said “action is being taken” against the students involved.

This comes after a string of illegal student parties across the country have attracted hefty fines. This week, Nottingham Trent students were fined £40,000 and suspended by their university, after hiding 30 guests and saying police were “spoiling their fun”. Earlier this month, hosts of a Norwich house party were fined £30,000, as three UEA students were fined £10k each.

A spokesman for the University of Salford said action is being taken against those involved in the incident. They said: “We are aware of a video circulating on social media showing an incident at Peel Park Quarter.

“Security were called and dealt with it on the night and action is being taken with regards to those involved.

“Students have been, and continue to be, reminded about the rules and behaviour that is expected of them.”

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