Two Black Lives Matter protests to take place in Manchester this weekend

The protests will take place on both Saturday and Sunday

Two peaceful protests for Black Lives Matter, are being held in Manchester this weekend.

The protests follow a large number of protests which have taken place in the US and also London in solidarity against police racism and brutality, specifically after the death of George Floyd.

The first campaign will be held in Piccadilly Gardens this Saturday 6th June from 13:00pm. The second, in St. Peter’s Square from 14:00pm.

The protests will be peaceful and will adhere to the current social distancing regulations.

Another protest took place in Manchester in St. Peter’s Square on the last day of May:

However, the response to the protest according to one Twitter member was conflicted, mainly due to the complications of social distancing whilst protesting, due to the coronavirus.

On Fallowfield Students’ Group, students have used the platform to share information surrounding how to support the campaign, whether through petitions, donating or educating oneself.

An organiser of the Sunday 7th June protest has also spread word through FSG, with the message: “Please come and show your support! Bring as much protective gear as you can and we will still socially distance as best as possible!

“It’s a peaceful protest and we are trying to stick to COVID-19 guidelines as best as possible so bring PPE if you can, if you can’t PPE will be provided.”

The protest on Sunday 7th June is in conjunction with the #LDNBLM outside the US embassy which takes place on the same date and at the same time.

For more updates you can follow the #MCRBLM tag on Twitter or Twitter page @mcrblm.

It is hoped that many students will subsequently turn out in support, having been made aware of the protest through the group.

Whilst social distancing is of upmost-importance, it was adhered to in the previous week’s protest in St. Peter’s Square and has been continuously stressed by organisers, and so it is hopeful that this regulation will continue to be adhered to in the protests this coming weekend.

If anyone has anything that can help the protests, they can reach the organisers at: [email protected]

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