Manchester Uni closes all buildings and cancels classes due to COVID-19

Halls of residence will remain open

The University of Manchester is cancelling all face-to-face teaching and closing most buildings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an email sent to all students, the Vice-Chancellor said “libraries, Manchester Museum, Whitworth Art Gallery and Jodrell Bank, as well as most of our teaching and research buildings” will be closed to students, while halls of residences will remain open.

The University will also be suspending face-to-face teaching, “including laboratories, seminars and tutorials.” The email says “certain essential services and facilities and halls of residence will remain open.”

Advice found on campus

The rest of the email reads: “I appreciate this is a very worrying time and this decision has been taken to protect the health and wellbeing of our students and staff, which is our primary concern.

“Students can now return home if they are able to, but we realise that for some of you that may not be possible or that Manchester is your home. For that reason, our halls of residence will remain open and essential student support services will continue to be available. Students remaining in Manchester in private accommodation will also be able to access support services and advice.

“I understand that many of you will be worried about your studies, exams and placements and we are moving as quickly as possible to alternative on-line provision. You should stay in regular on-line contact with your school and your tutors for further details of future sessions, assessments and graduation arrangements. Further communications will follow in the coming days.

“A set of frequently asked questions for students is available on My Manchester news and we will make sure that these are updated at regular intervals.

“Please rest assured that we are also working closely with the relevant authorities at a local and national level to monitor the wider situation and minimise any further impact arising from the coronavirus outbreak. We will let you know when buildings and other facilities will reopen and we will resume physical face to face teaching.

“These are challenging times and unprecedented arrangements, but we are all working very hard to make sure that you can stay safe and well, and continue to complete your course of study. I am very proud of the way our University community is rallying together in these difficult circumstances.

“I would urge you all to follow the latest expert advice from the National Health Service and Public Health England. Our University also has extensive support services in place for our students and staff.

“The most important thing we can do over the coming weeks and months is to support each other.”