The University of Manchester calls back exchange students from Hong Kong

The university is assisting with arrangements to get them home

The University of Manchester is recalling all exchange students from Hong Kong.

This comes after all major Hong Kong universities suspended teaching.

A University of Manchester spokesman told The Manchester Tab: "We have been advising students that they should leave Hong Kong immediately and are assisting with arrangements for them to do so.

"This is a fast moving situation so our duty of care towards our students is paramount.

"Because of the deteriorating situation, there will be no further classes at all major Hong Kong Universities this semester.

"We have been taking expert advice from our travel and risk specialists.”

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Protesters in Hong Kong are being threatened with "Doom"

Many but not all UK universities are recalling their exchange students from Hong Kong, citing safety reasons, as universities across the city were occupied by protestors.

State media is warning protestors that "You are on the edge of doom".

Warwick, Nottingham, Aberdeen, Southampton, Sheffield and Edinburgh have all confirmed to The Tab that they are bringing students back.

Meanwhile, the University of Lincoln told The Tab: "We do not have any students being called back from Hong Kong".

St Andrews and Exeter have both told the The Tab they are monitoring the situation, but are not repatriating students in Hong Kong.

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