Notts uni is bringing students home from Hong Kong amidst protests

They’ll make the necessary arrangements to return students home

The University is offering repatriation to any of its students in Hong Kong amidst protests.

Ten Notts students who are currently in Hong Kong have been offered to return home by the University following the protests that have recently occurred.

Of the ten students, two have taken the University up on their offer, whilst another two students have indicated they will too.

A spokesperson from the University has said "We have 10 students in Hong Kong who are safe and well. We are in close contact with them to offer every support in the current situation and are following Foreign Office advice. We have offered any student who wishes to leave an early flight back to the UK.

"Students are mostly on undergraduate exchange across a range of programmes. There is one PhD student.

"Our message went out a short time ago but 2 students have definitely taken up the offer, and there are two that have indicated they will. The others so far have indicated that they want to remain in Hong Kong but that might change in the next 24 hours.

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"Students will be carried on scheduled flights and arriving back in the UK over the next few days and we have agreed to cover all costs.

"We have been in dialogue for the whole of this term. All students were contacted back on 1 October to reiterate past emails regarding safety and avoiding political demonstrations and to encourage them to contact us if they had any concerns. The recent exchanges began on Tuesday. And advice has been adjusted as we have monitored the situation."

The University of Edinburgh has announced it will be recalling its students from Hong Kong and the University of Warwick has also announced they are telling students in Hong Kong to return.