A procrastinator’s guide to the best and worst study spaces in Manchester

Have a read and spice up your study life

With only one week left to go before exams finish, many of you will be flooding the library to at least attempt to revise. For those who have never set foot on campus to study, here is a comprehensive list of the best (and worst) places to spend your eight hours eating a Morrison's meal deal and doing absolutely nothing else.

Main Library – Blue 2

If there’s anything more basic than studying on Blue 2, I’ll eat my shoe. This floor caters for all your essential needs with a mix of computers and severely outdated desks. There’s a plethora of boredom-induced scrawlings to read on most work surfaces just in case you’re in need of a hit of procrastination.

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So blue

Ali G

Formerly known as the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons, the only thing you’ll learn here is that you’ll never get a seat in exam time so stop trying. If you are lucky enough to get a seat, make you appreciate the roaming mice and the Zzz Zone, which is furnished with a whopping one sleep pod, catering for all your lazy/procrastination needs.

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For sleepybois only

Main Library – Purple 4

If you ever fantasised about being a Hogwarts student then this ones for you. Accio knowledge! Although, you can expelliarmus any thoughts of getting a seat here after midday.

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A Muggle hard at work

Muriel Stott Centre

I bet you’ve never heard of this. Hidden in plain sight on the Main Library Ground Floor, is a computer cluster. It recently gained notoriety when a student graffitied the roof with "fuck uni, drop out". You’re pretty much guaranteed a computer every time in this remake of the Jurassic Park Discovery Centre.

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"Life will not be contained. Life breaks free"

Stopford Library

If you're not a medic, you'll be very out of place here. With words such as "Chromosome" and "morphine" printed all over the shop, you will be constantly reminded that the person sitting next to you is studying medicine (he'll probably tell you anyway). With easy access to the bus stop, you can quickly escape campus and forget about the 7 hours of revision we know didn't happen.

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Like a hospital from the future

The Hive @ The Students Union

Located on the first floor on the left at the top of the stairs, The Hive offers a mellow alternative to studying in the Main Library. Where else on campus could you read some flash cards on a bean bag and watch a lecture on a deckchair? The kitchen area includes microwaves, tea/coffee making facilities and vending machines. Morrison's meal deals are a thing of the past.

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Chilled vibes only

Lime Cafe

One of campus' best kept secrets. It has a variety of computers and desks with a cute garden for breaks too. The cafe also serves a variety of smoothies, frozen yogurt and ice creams. You can thank me later.

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Why go anywhere else

Arthur Lewis Computer Cluster

Modern, spacious and air conditioned. What more could you ask for? The only drawback is that it’s closed on the weekends. Bummer.

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Joules Library

Clearly invented by someone who doesn’t know how numbers work. This library is located on Floor E(??) of the Sackville Street Building, and is decked out with desks and a computer cluster. On a sunny day you can spend your lunchbreaks relaxing just outside in Vimto Park. This patch of grass comes fully equipped with it’s own Vimto Sculpture, which is just dying to be on your IG story #PhotoOpsForDays

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Life could be so much easier

George Begg Computer Cluster

Out there in the wilderness of North Campus is the George Begg, rumoured to be one of the only computer clusters on campus where chatting with your mates is perfectly acceptable. Apparently 90 per cent of conversations are engineers arguing over their group projects. One student overheard an altercation due to an unsettled debt of 25p in printer credits. Wild.

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You'd never see empty spaces like this in the Ali G

John Rylands Library

Doubling up as a library AND a museum, the John Rylands is probably the most sophisticated place you could choose to study in. You’re sure to get lost in the maze of stairs of corridors long before you’re lost in your books. Didn’t bring a pen? No worries. There’s a gift shop on site for when you eventually get bored of revision.

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Withington Library

This is potentially the only good reason to live in Withington. The Library was described by Manchester City Council as having a “friendly and informal” vibe and has been recently refurbished. With a closing time of 8pm during the week, this library may not be for you if you consistently roll out bed after 5pm.

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Beautiful at all times of year

OP Cluster

The most convenient place to study in Fallowfield. The window seats offer majestic views of Tree Court and the OP Car Park, whereas the microwave room in the back allows you to simulate being in a sauna. Saves you a Bannatynes membership.

If you think you're going to get a seat during peak exam time, don't hold your breath because I can guarantee you they'll all be occupied by solid 8 or 9s. You probably won't even be able to focus here anyway. Especially around midnight when all those rowdy Freshers are on their pilgrimage to Factory.

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OPportunites await

Source Café

If you can’t get a seat at OP Cluster, Source Café has got your back. The only catch is you’ve got to buy something. Not really a problem though when their daily meals are only £2.50. Depending on the day, you could be offered a Chicken Curry, or Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas. Not to mention the £1.50 Smoothies and Frappes. The prices are definitely worth the nostalgia trip back to the days when you lived off Canteen Food at Owens park.

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OP Tower Dining Room

Throwback for anyone who was Tower born and raised. A hidden gem in the Fallowfield collection of study spaces. It's more spacious and chilled than the OP Cluster and you'll never have to queue for the toilet again. There's also slightly shorter walks for fag breaks. Drawback? You'll probably look out of a place without a MacBook Pro.

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Throwback Thursday

All Saints Library

The Man Met equivalent of our main library. A little known fact is that UoM students are allowed to use their library if they apply for access online. If you submit a SCONUL application you're able to use this building (and many other university libraries up and down the country) to study in. Always an option for when you've been pacing Blue 1-4 back and forth with no luck.

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If you can't beat them, join them

If you've never set foot on campus during the exam period yet, you'll probably just ignore this and stay in bed anyway.