Four candidates have been suspended from the Students’ Union elections

Complaints have been made about campaigning tactics

Four candidates have been suspended from campaigning in the University of Manchester Students' Union elections.

The NUS returning officer overseeing the elections made the decision following complaints about their campaigning tactics.

The Mancunion reported that the candidates are appealing their suspension, and a decision is due tomorrow morning. Voting will close at 5pm tomorrow, having been open since 28th February.

It is not yet clear which candidates have been suspended and no further details of complaints against them have been revealed.

#UoMLove1903Someone just came up to me last night at Ali g. I thought she was trying to ask students like me that did…

Posted by Uomlove on Sunday, March 3, 2019

In a reported incident this weekend, an unknown candidate was allegedly "voting for herself and her friends" on a students' phones after they had logged into the voting system with their University account.

An anonymous post made to UoMlove said: "I was so shocked and I didn’t even know who she was. She didn’t even introduce herself to me. It’s so unfair to others if she really wins the election!"

Stefanie Hartley, Deputy Returning Officer for the current Students' Union elections, told The Manchester Tab: "All we can confirm at this stage is that four students have been sanctioned but not disqualified.

"The case has now gone to appeal in accordance with our elections byelaws and so we will not be able to give any further updates until we know the outcome of that appeal. This is likely to be tomorrow morning."