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Student in need of a condom posts on FSG and has one delivered to his door

Not all heroes wear capes


Fallowfield Students Group, the network that says it all about uni life. From lost possessions after wild nights at AU, to reports of muggings, FSG encapsulates why we love (and hate) Fallowfield. You've heard about the students who posted on FSG asking for ketchup to go with their Nando's, now get ready for the student who posted on FSG desperately asking for a condom.

Jamie, a second year Business Management student and Teletech DJ, found himself in a sticky situation when he and a mystery girl were ready to do the deed but realised the condom supply had run out.

Being the excellent role model that he is (practise safe sex kids), Jamie posted on FSG to see if anyone could help him out.

Many were quick to comment, suggesting that he should "do it bareback"and "take risks" but Jamie and his companion sat tight and waited. On a student budget, this was their only hope.

Speaking to The Manchester Tab, Jamie commented: "Basically I wanted to get my dick wet and I needed a condom and didn't have any."

"We ran out last night and couldn't be arsed to go to shop obviously, student budgets n all that."

"Her housemates weren't responding, so naturally we took to FSG."

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Matthew, the first year Economics student who dropped the condom off to Jamie and his mystery companion, was riding the Magic Bus home when he saw the post. Speaking to The Manchester Tab, Matthew commented: "I was on the bus home from uni when I saw the post so went to his and dropped it off.

"I was already going in that direction and I thought we've all been in a similar situation so may as well help a guy out."

"You've always got to carry spares, never know when you'll need them… Like this time."

When asked about the delivery time, Jamie commented: "Ngl the moment had passed by the time he got there. But we recouped n got down to business."

What would we do without you, FSG?