All the annoying things everyone needs to stop doing on Fallowfield Students Group

This is NOT still available

Fallowfield Students Group, the home of ticket swaps, rants about Antwerp, and the search hub for those who desperately need to find a new flatmate. In-between these genuinely useful posts, however you get the jokers – desperately trying to meme-ify everything and cause arguments. Here's everything me, you, and everyone else need to stop posting in FSG to spare ourselves the embarrassment.


If you're fishing for a fight, this is the wrong way to go about it. Three page rant about how Antwerp should have closed years ago? No one cares.

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Asking "Is this still available?" in the comments of rant posts

Why are you here. Go to the Ali G and write your essay.

Posting as your friend

Fraping died along with the nail art trend in 2012, as it rightly should have done. Posting ”pretending” to be your mate asking for sex is about as original as a white boy in Fallowfield in a puffer coat. We're not in Year 9 anymore, kids. Stick to your own accounts.

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"Rate/Roast my friend"

Just download Tinder/Reddit.

Asking for a cigarette

Just admit you can't roll and buy a pack of straights from Tesco.

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Lost Dignity posts

We get it, you had a mad one getting wine drunk at AU and told your ex to fuck off. We've all been there but there's no need to brag about it.

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The "I don't trust this seller" comments

Unhelpful, unfunny, and your mates don't care either.