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Here’s all the best tweets from Parklife 2018

LG’s ‘Parkalife’ tweet was iconic

Parklife in itself is literally a meme, you can't walk through the crowd for five minutes without spotting or hearing something hilarious. And with our generation's good old internet addiction we get the fantastic oppourtunity to document all of these once in a lifetime moments, permanantly, in the form of tweets.

Here are all the best tweets from this weekend's Parklife, covering everything from Liam Gallagher, to The Spice Girls, to lube.

Liam Gallagher was a pretty big deal (as you were LG x)

The Parklife girl (synonymous with glitter and ket) seemed to get a lot of attention, too

The PL gals were also the source of some controversy regarding their outfit choices, (or lack thereof)

Some stunning social commentary was buzzing about

Even better was the people watching

It's safe to say most people were feeling pretty rough the next day

Twitter unanimously agreed that Parklife was fuckin lit