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Sacha Baron Cohen to receive an honorary degree from UoM for his contribution of ‘Ali G’

‘We wanted to commemorate him for all the hard work done in his character’s name’

Borat star, Sacha Baren Cohen will receive an honorary degree from the University of Manchester thanking him for his contribution of the nickname "Ali G". The nickname has become commonplace among both staff and students, replacing the much longer Alan Gilbert Learning Commons.

Ali G was originally a character developed by the comedian for Channel 4's "Da Ali G Show", and made famous by the 2002 film "Ali G Indahouse."

A spokesperson for the University of Manchester told The Tab "The nick-naming of the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons as Ali G is a wonderful reflection of the unique, lighthearted student culture that we pride ourselves on here, at Manchester.

"The decision to award Mr Baron Cohen the honorary degree was secretly put to a vote amongst head faculty staff earlier this year. We had been talking about it for a long time and wanted to commemorate him for all the hard work done in his character's name."

Sacha Baron Cohen is yet to release a statement regarding the massiv' achievement, although we're sure he's bigging up himself.

Booyakasha, check the date.