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You can get up to 90 per cent off food in Manchester today

Dinner out anyone???

You can get up to 90 per cent off food from restaurants in Manchester today in conjunction with CityMunch app which has hundreds of huge discounts for Manchester restaurants.

CityMunch has year round discounts but are currently working with homeless charities in Manchester, donating unused restaurant food to people on the streets in Manchester, and also offering a huge discounts as "CityMunch’s partner restaurants will make sure that none of their food goes to waste for an entire week, giving foodies the chance to snap up some great meals at a fraction of the cost."

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Laura Hafes of CityMunch told The Tab Manchester "it's a great opportunity for Manchester students to get up to 90 per cent off food, especially with it being so close to Christmas. A nice meal out is a rarity for students, so the discount is a great way for students to treat themselves after all the Christmas deadlines. Also, it's nice to show wonderful the Manchester community is at tackling issues such as food waste and homelessness."

Rob Lynch, CEO and Founder of CityMunch also told us “Christmas is a time for indulgence, but a shocking amount of what we buy in the festive season ends up in the bin. With our technology, restaurants can connect with users in real-time, letting them know when they have excess food and tempting them in with an offer. If restaurants can cut their food waste to zero, maybe we as households can do our bit too.”

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The restaurants participating in the amazing deal are Beastro, Yard & Coop, Soup Kitchen, Dogs ‘N’ Dough, Kettlebell Kitchen, Bosu Body Bar, Exchange Food & Drink Lounge, Boho Utopia, Infamous Diner, Trove, DG X Per Tutti, Grand Daddy's Diner and Teacup Kitchen.