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UoM gave a whole course a graduation certificate with a spelling mistake


During winter graduation, a student from The University of Manchester was awarded her degree certificate only to find that she had been awarded a "Bacehlor" of Midwifery.

There are about 50 people on the Midwifery course who are all believed to have received a certificate with the mistake.

The Tab approached the graduate for a comment about UOM's spelling blunder: "It was definitely everybody on midwifery [that was given a 'Bacehlor' certificate]. It's so funny because they did the big speech about how amazing Uni of Manchester is.

"Our lecturers saw and said they are making a formal complaint."

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Despite the mistake, the graduate went on to tell The Tab: "Most of my friends just found it funny, nobody seemed annoyed."

It is yet to be confirmed if the degree certificates will be replaced – until then, you probably don't want to hang this one on your wall.

A University spokesperson said: “We’re sorry for this mistake and have already reprinted the certificates. Everyone who has been affected should receive a new certificate very shortly.”