Jake Bell

We found a secret code to get a FREE Pangaea ticket


The University of Manchester has been ranked in the top 100 unis in the world

It’s in the top 10 UK unis

Sankeys is returning to Manchester

For one night and one night only

Antwerp Mansion still haven’t confirmed if Triple Cooked is going ahead

But don’t panic, it won’t be cancelled

In memoriam of Antwerp Mansion: Student life won’t be the same without it

It’s undoubtedly one of Manchester’s most iconic student venues

Mud, rain and ket: everything that will inevitably happen at Parklife

Better drink 12 cans before we get there just in case

The New Year’s Resolutions that every Manchester student needs to make

New year, new you

UoM gave a whole course a graduation certificate with a spelling mistake


Exclusive: January Pangaea has been cancelled

A replacement event has been promised

Everything that will happen on a night out at Factory

Spoiler: You’ll regret every part of it

Despite increase in violent crime, UoM and MMU will fund house party patrols for a second year running

G4S will be continuing to shut down parties in Fallowfield and Withington, while students are attacked in the streets

Gaff’s are now selling t-shirts to raise funds for the shop and Manchester Arena victims

Help Mr Gaff raise £60k

Nobody panic, but we’re getting a Five Guys on campus

Yes I’ll have fries with that

There’s a petition to keep Magic Bus tickets at £1

Fight the power

Manchester is the world’s 20th most international university

From Fiji to Fallowfield

We need to change the stigma around drug related deaths

It’s not always the user’s fault

The art of skipping uni

Probably more useful than your BA

Forget Fabric reopening, Manchester has the best nightlife in the UK

The club everyone cares about but nobody has been to

Jozef K on Fallowfield: ‘It always has good parties’

We interviewed the Ibiza Resident DJ about his work and our beloved student home

Your ultimate guide to Halloween in Manchester

The scariest thing is how much you will spend this weekend

The Kaiser Chiefs are playing in Albert Square today

I predict a riot

Everything that will happen on a night out at Fifth

You will lose your dignity

Salford University to offer course in Pokemon Go

Want to catch ’em all? Pay £9,000 for it

I asked my flatmates to give me an end of year review

It taught me so much about myself

Storm the Bastille! The NUS want to abolish prisons

The walls of Belmarsh crumble

Circuit Laundry is the worst thing about being a fresher

It would probably be cheaper to buy new clothes

Oxford Road bus route to close for three weeks

Just as exams start

Islamic Extremism debate cancelled by UoM

So much for free speech

We made pancakes, Oak House style

They go surprisingly well with Grand Mariner

There is a video of Deaf Institute’s bouncers and a man falling down the stairs

It happened at Riot Jazz

Newcastle is the most entertaining city to live in

We’re the funnest night out by far

It’s official, Manchester is the UK’s third best student city

And we’re 36th in the world

We went to Oak House and asked freshers about their predrinks

RIP two for five

Everything you need to know about Quidditch society

‘Quidditch isn’t just for Potter boffins’