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Peep Show’s Super Hans is DJing at the Manchester Academy


It’s upsetting to think that it’s nearing two years since the final ever episode of Peep show, probably the best thing to have been on TV, ever.

Whether it’s Jeremy eating the dead dog (mummy?), Mark’s weird balls or Johnson doing tai chi, there’s not a single episode in the show’s twelve year history that is without a classic line or two.

But everything is going to be okay because SUPER HANS IS COMING TO MANCHESTER.

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Super Hans (Matt King) will be playing the DJ Set, "Big Beat Manifesto," at the Manchester Academy on 7th November for the party people of Manchester, alongside his mates Psychopab and The Hombre.

It's been described by NME as "already the stuff of legends." We cannot wait.

Matt King/ Hans said of the show, in his own words "The set combines big fucking beats alongside some 80’s, some 90’s."

"There's one from the 1840s that’s beefed right up so that it’ll rattle your fucking rib cage.”

"Where else are you going to hear a big ketty beat laid over the top of Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles?"

Get your tickets here.