There are 10 Vouchers for free Nando’s hidden around UOM and MMU

Finally, a good excuse to go into uni

To celebrate the release of Nando's new Menu last week, which includes a new pitta and two amazing new veggie options, the Nando's student brand rep has hidden ten Chicken Cheques around the MMU and UOM campuses, for two free meals with drinks at any Manchester Nando's for anyone with the deductive skills to go find them.

According to the Manchester Universities: The Nando's Sauciety Facebook page, there are 5 chicken cheques hidden on each campus and the locations look to be somewhere in the Ali G, the UOM Main Library, All Saints park, All Saints library and the MMU Student's Union. Follow the images in this article and the further 7 on the Nando's Sauciety Facebook page to get yourself on your way to getting your PERi-PERi fix. Don't forget to message the Facebook page directly when you're done!