Reduced capacity at Antwerp Mansion leads to queues of over an hour

Once inside, the venue was almost empty


Last week The Tab reported that Antwerp Mansion had been ordered to reduce their capacity by 15 per cent, resulting in all Skiddle tickets for Saturday night's Regression Sessions: Space Safari being cancelled and refunded. However, this is not where the venue's capacity issues ended.

Due to a prospective visit from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, the club enforced a strict one-in-one-out policy that left revellers queuing in the smoking area for over an hour in order to enter the building.

In the hour and a quarter third year, Megan waited she saw less that 40 people being granted entry, before leaving as many other club goers did.

The general concensus amongst those who were able to get in was one of disappointment. Georgia, a second year Biology student who waited over an hour to get in, said, "It was so empty. Only a third of the bottom floor was full and there was a queue to go upstairs with people walking past saying not to bother".

Promoters for Regression Sessions assured clubgoers they would be able to request a refund and that they were planning an event that those affected by the evening's mishaps would be able to attend for free.

However, given the severely reduced capacity and long queues, if it was held at Antwerp, I can't help but wonder, would it even be worth it?