Antwerp Mansion have been ordered to reduce their capacity

All Skiddle tickets for Regression Sessions have had to be refunded

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service have ordered Antwerp Mansion to reduce their capacity temporarily.

As a result, Regression Sessions were forced to announce that all Skiddle tickets will be cancelled and refunded for tonight's Space Safari event.

However, those who originally purchased a Skiddle ticket will be offered a free ticket to Regression Sessions' Halloween event, and Fatsoma tickets still remain valid.

Bethany Allen, Adult Nursing third year originally panicked when she saw the post:

"In the heat of the moment I commented on the post because it’s my birthday night out so was really looking forward to 'twerp. But then I checked and my ticket is actually with Fatsoma so I’ve calmed down a lot since."

Aodhan Burnell, PPE first year wasn't so lucky. He told the Tab Manchester:

"I've been looking forward to this all week, planning a big night out with a large group of friends and now with such short notice only half of us can even go! There's been no communication other than the post on Facebook and I wouldn't be surprised if loads of people got turned away at the door as they weren't aware! I've spent a lot of money preparing for the weekend and now I'll have to spend the night at fucking factory or some other shit hole."

It's not yet known why Antwerp Mansion have been served with a notice by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service but many students remain unhappy and there is confusion over whether tickets bought on other apps are still valid.

Antwerp Mansion told The Tab Manchester "unfortunately this is correct and we have had to reduce our capacity by around 15%. We are extremely sorry that this will disappoint some people who would have wanted to attend our events this week, especially Regression Sessions tonight.

This has happened very suddenly and although we have been working hard with the authorities in the last 48 hours the problem was not able to be solved in time, although a solution has now been agreed.

We absolutely will resolve the problem next week as we have been working very closely with the authorities to deal with the issue they raised. this is only a temporary problem."