UoM staff have announced an official strike

The strike is in protest of over 140 redundancies

University of Manchester staff announced that they will be taking part in an official strike on 23rd and 24th of October, the week before reading week.

Members of the University and College Union (UCU) will strike in protest to plans that, according to the UCU, will lead to 140 redundancies.

The UCU released a statement urging the university to take compulsory redundancies "off the table", and that the proposed redundancies "lack a convincing rational".

The university, which employs a staff of over 12,000, said in a statement that it had "undertaken an extensive consultation with all three recognised trade unions, including the UCU."

"Whilst we hope that staff will decide to continue to work normally, every effort will be made to ensure that there will be no significant disruption to operations at the University and particularly to our students should there be any industrial action," a spokesman for the university said.

"We also remain committed to continue our dialogue with the trade unions and staff on these plans as they are implemented."