Pig heads, lost teeth and misplaced pills: The best posts from Fallowfield Students this year

Remember the fish in the letterbox lol

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Fallowfield Students, formerly Fallowfield Buy/Sell Tickets is the facebook page that’s always there for you, there to fulfil every need you may have.  It can reunite you with all manner of things, it’s the first page you join when you come to Manchester, and one you’ll struggle to leave, not only for the opportunities and goss, but the pure unadulterated banter, too.

The Tab has teamed up with the creator of Fallowfield Students, UoM History and Sociology grad Matthew Freestone, following the rebranding of the page to round up the funniest, weirdest and most heartwarming posts from the past academic year.

Fallowfield Students recently underwent a name change and a rebrand following the growth of the page, especially among the student community, Matthew Freestone, creator of the page said “Fallowfield Buy/Sell Tickets has grown massively to over 16,000 members since I created it in August 2014. As it has grown the group, while buying and selling tickets for events is still the primary function of the group, members now use it for many other purposes. In line with this change, we have decided to rename the group Fallowfield Students, as the group is also a community for people to connect with other students, share funny photos from the area,  stay up to date with local news, ask for advice and much more.”.

Here’s the posts you liked the most:

Lost your pigs head?

Accidentally posted your (filleted) fish to the wrong house?

Got a GIANT RAT problem?

It’s there for you when you need to put your Syrian hamster up for adoption

Or for when you’ve got a problem with a gecko

Or, you know when you have a bit of a mad one and lose your teeth on Mabfield Road?

It’s great for when you need to call in a favour

Fallowfield Students solves mysteries 

Fallowfield Students shows that there are some good people in the world, or in Antwerp, at least

You know when you’re on the Magic Bus and you notice something but you don’t have anyone to tell?

Fallowfield Students can be used to help navigate those fucking freshers

Fallowfield Students is great for when you’re a bit too far into your overdraft and need some quick cash

And again (pure jokers)

Miracles happen on Fallowfield Students

Or if you’re feeling a bit un-cool and need to quickly tell everyone that you do drugs

Fallowfield Students is a great platform to expand your business, such as the homemade pie business and poster business, who found success after using the page

You can target students specifically