SU election results 2017: meet the new team

You voted for them, now here they are

General Secretary – Alexander Tayler
Alexander promises us a Union TAYLERed to us, with an increased range of food on campus, with a reduced price as well as to negotiate with First and Stagecoach for a combined bus pass, accepted on both at a decent price, as well as to develop a “strong relationship” with the new mayor.
Alexander also aims to get us students more involved in the union and work towards an SU that will offer “something for everyone.”

Women’s Officer – Sara Heddi
Final year law student Sara is going to work with campaigns and societies to create a more body positive atmosphere at uni, and promote body confidence. She also wants to work towards making Manchester safer for students.

Education Officer – Emma Atkins
We voted to re-elect Emma, who wants to improve the podcasting of lectures, create a more liberated and employable curriculum, review PhD supervision, take advantage of the annual education conference and fight future tuition fees.

Wellbeing Officer – Saqib Mahmood
Saqib is planning to draw on his first hand experience with mental health to improve the mental health services currently offered here. He aims to reduce waiting times for the University Counselling Services through the introduction of a “student mentor system” in which students will be trained as counsellors. Saqib also wants to provide us with more vegan, Halal and Kosher food options on campus, and plans to run workshops on how to apply for mitigating circumstances, appeal your grades and introduce emergency appointments.

Campaigns & Citizenship Officer – Deej Lashley-Johnson
Deej promises to offer a voice that is often unheard, that of a mature student who is also a parent. He has much experience under his belt, as a part-time BME officer and trustee of the union and having lead campaigns on and off campus, also being voted “Campaigner of the Year” and NUS’s “Black Student’s Officer of the Year” 2016.

Diversity Officer – Riddi Viswanathan
Riddi is focusing on unity in diversity to include a range of opinions and outlooks in order to represent everyone across campus. She also wants to expand the post study visa options for international students, is working towards the university being able to become an accommodation guarantor for students, especially post-grads, and is going to work closely with the liberation officers across campus.

Activities and Development Officer
Kitty Bartlett
Kitty aims to improve the accessibility of student activities, the Union’s nightlife, the affordability of food and drink across campus as well as support sustainability across campus and ensure our say in the development of the Students’ Union.

Community Officer – Jack Houghton
Jack wants to work to improve homelessness, the safety of our streets and student housing. Jack promised to use his experience with the Raise and Give committee, and also as a student in student accommodation to fix and prevent these problems.