Manchester is the number one place in the UK for nightlife and culture

As if we didn’t already know

Manchester has officially been named the best place in the UK for nightlife and culture, according to the program “Where’s the Best Place to Live in the UK?”, which aired on Channel 4 last week.

The show, hosted by Sarah Beeny used “the most up to date statistics” to decipher the best places in the UK based on property prices, job prospects, happiness, childcare costs and with Manchester’s appearance on the list, we’re guessing general fabulousness as well.

Manchester was given the coveted title of number one UK nightlife and culture hub due to our buzzing scene,with more live music shows per head than anywhere else in the country, and a varied and never ending nightlife which attracts the likes of celebrities like Maisie Williams.

Manchester also ranked highly with the availability of well paid jobs, one of the best transport systems in the country, and the average property price being £168k compared to an extortionate £600k in London.