EXCLUSIVE: Maisie Williams was at Antwerp Mansion last night

Actual Arya Stark, guys

Arya Stark herself graced us with her presence at My Nu Leng in Antwerp last night. She was spotted amongst the sweaty ravers and drunken fools who normally frequent the shabby chic mansion. The “girl who has no name”, otherwise known as Maisie Williams AKA Arya Stark, baddest bitch in Westeros coincided her return to the North in Westeros with a visit to the North’s (and probably the world’s) best club.


The Game of Thrones star’s celestial celeb aura certainly was a stark contrast to the wavy Antwerp vibes, but it just goes to show that anything is possible with the magic of Antwerp Mansion.

Jason Bennett, head of Antwerp’s security said “She [Maisie] is amazing, a very nice girl, so down to earth and very polite.”

So next time you fancy partying it up in Westeros, why not try the next best thing: Antwerp Mansion? Wonder if she got cheesy chips from Kebab King after?