Oxford Road bus route to close for three weeks

Just as exams start

There have been warnings of major delays around Oxford Road after it was announced that the bus route is set to close for 3 weeks, starting on May 16th and continuing until June 6th.

The part affected will be from Booth Street East and West, close to Alliance Manchester Business School, to Brunswick Street.

There are a total of 21 bus services which will be affected by the closure, such as the 42, 43, 142 and 143 from Fallowfield into the University of Manchester campus and the city centre.

The affected bus route.

The affected bus route.

The route is closed due to the redevelopment of Manchester Business School, as well as improving the shopping area around Blackwells and adding an extra 40,500 square feet of shops and leisure spaces.

It is part of the University of Manchester’s 10-year £1bn campus master-plan.

With roadworks on the Curry Mile having caused significant delays all year, it is expected that the closure of the bus route will bring about similar problems, which look set to last for the majority of the exam period.

First year Milly spoke to us, saying “At the moment Manchester just looks like one big building site.”