Man met campaigners get their election song played on Radio one

Scott Mills likes them because they’re so bad

BBC Radio One DJ Scott Mills praised the ‘ManiYESto’ team from man met for their ‘authentic’ election campaign video

After hearing too many professional sounding videos this year, he called up Alex from the Maniyesto team to chat about their authentic video. Alex is one of five people in the team and they are all running for different positions within the Man Met union this year.

The Maniyesto team

The Maniyesto team

Scott said “I was getting a bit annoyed yesterday because people are starting to farm them out to professional singers to make sure that their video is really good, and that’s not the point.

“I’m gonna talk to someone now who has taken it back to basics with their campaign election video.”

When asked what she thinks of the new professional takes on election vids Alex said “I don’t think it’s a true representation of who you are and what you stand for

“It’s students, for students.”

The election campaign video can be found here:

The song was then played on the radio show, which has millions of listeners, to which Scott simply said, “Yep, it’s definitely you singing, isn’t it.”

Their election video, a cover of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” feat. 2 Chainz, is pretty shocking, but its raw enthusiasm and definite lack of professional singers is what appealed so much to the radio DJ, and having their song played on air will be a massive boost for their campaign.

Scott particularly enjoyed the list of things the team wanted to improve, which he sang back through laughter: “Quatro! Haha activitiiieessss.”

He asked Alex if she had rapped since and she revealed that the Maniyesto team did a live performance of their song at the SU on Monday.

Listen to their chat on Radio One:

Scott seemed really impressed, “It’s good to know that in Manchester there are some genuine artists still out there, you know?

“People not afraid to sing and rap on their own manifesto videos. Respect to you.”

Alex responded, “I really wanted to make everyone aware that we’re fun and we’re out there.”

However, after hanging up with his classic line, “love you, bye”, Scott said “They’re singing so far behind!”