Uber in Manchester is now 14 per cent cheaper

An average two mile journey will cost £4.50

From this morning, jumping in an Uber in Manchester will be 14 per cent cheaper than before.

Following a review a detailed pricing review, the taxi big dogs have decided to lower fares in Greater Manchester, in their first ever move like this since launching.

Fallowfield to uni is now just £4.50

Put simply, the break down of fares means that from today, the base fare sits at £1, per mile it’s £1.30 and per minute, just 10p.

The minimum fare for a journey also now resides at £2.50.

This means that an average two mile journey, about the distance from Fallowfield to uni, will now cost just £4.50 in a Manchester Uber, coming in at £2.10 less than a Black Cab.

The price change is in line with plans to take more personal cars off the roads in Manchester.

In a statement on their website, Uber explained the idea behind the change: “Uber is all about making sure people have a convenient, safe and affordable ride at the push of a button.

“With these changes we believe we can give even more people in Manchester the option to leave their car at home and let Uber help them get where they need to be.”

You won’t be seeing this

Maths student Sarah said: “It’s so great cause taxis are usually so expensive in Manchester.

“Ubers back home in London always seem really expensive too – I was surprised how cheap they were.”

Third year Naomi also backs the change and told The Tab: “I think Uber is the cheapest and safest option, you can split it with your mates rather than arguing over change and being able to track where the taxi is means you’re not waiting around and potentially getting into unmarked cabs or anything after a night out.”