Campus style: English Lit student special

To be effortless or not to be effortless, that is the question

It is no surprise that English Lit students are the best dressed on campus. Their twenty minutes of contact hours a week means that they always have plenty of time to focus on nailing that distinctive Manchester style. They have hours to spend deliberating over whether to wear Adidas or Reebok, sheepskin or suede and most importantly Mum’s “vintage” skirt or Dad’s old fleece.

If you don’t study English you probably lack the free time and flowing imagination that is needed to achieve this vibesy look. Luckily, these typical English Lit students can show you the way.

First of all, you need to wear as many brands as possible


Pete looks extra cool because he’s wearing double adidas.


Flora mixes and matches her brands- the more the merrier.

Also remember to prepare for Manchester’s cold weather


Eliana’s suede coat is practical and effortless.


Jack teams together chunky knitwear with a turtleneck top.


Nat shows that faux fur is the ultimate way to boost your coat credentials.

And in case you didn’t know, Manchester is very wet. Be warned:


Maddy is especially prepared for Manch’s infamous rain with a trusty pair of Dr Martins.


Eliza sports the classic windbreaker- colourful and waterproof!

Denim is also a vital part of your English wardrobe


Denim can be considered pretty mainstream, but Annabel shows it can still be edgy with some added embroidery.


Eve’s dungarees tell everyone that she way born in the 90’s. So retro..


English students live for the oversized denim jacket, especially ones that have baccy poking out of the front pocket.