Manchester’s Tiger Tiger has been voted the fifth worst club in the UK

Who’s surprised?

In a poll by, students voted Tiger Tiger Manchester as one of the worst clubs in the UK.

The club came fith in the survey of 1,600 people at uni.

Apparently it even has wet floors

It’s the only place to boast having eight bars under one roof and it claims to be the only place for your night out, but it’s one of the last places people want to spend their night.

The club, known for its girls in heels stumbling out after watching a strip show, is also famous for its old nights such as Koosday, regularly attended by the likes of Georgie Shore’s Scotty T.

At least he’s got a good rig

Tiger Tiger, also known as Manchester’s black hole, was only beaten by the likes of Pop World, Space in Leeds, Acapulco in Halifax and Nottingham’s Forum.

Second year Annabel was not at all moved by the news, she said: “I’m not at all surprised. It’s only good if you’re absolutely hammered and you’ll have to fend of creepy guys even if you’re a 2/10.

“I haven’t been since freshers’ and that was not good.”