Snow predicted to hit Manchester this weekend

It probably won’t settle

Temperatures are predicted to drop low enough for snow across Manchester this weekend according to the Met Office.

A mixture of rain and sleet is also predicted, showing signs that winter is on its way.

Forecasters have stated that Friday afternoon will likely be when the cold weather hits with a possibility of it reaching freezing on Saturday and Sunday.

A Met Office forecaster said it was going to stay wet and windy for the next couple of days across Manchester before a sudden change going into Friday and Saturday where temperatures are likely to fall.

“The weekend is going to get much colder, with maximum temperatures in the range of 2C to 5C (35F to 41F), and there will be a wintry chill.”

There was no clarity as to whether the snow will settle in the city centre area but forecasters have highlighted certain wintry showers and frost overnight.

Reacting to the news engineer Bobby said: “Snow in Manchester just means they’ll be a lot of sleet which won’t settle and will turn into mucky water. It’s always horrible and just depressing.”

In contrast, fashionable third year Danielle couldn’t hide her excitement to pull out some stylish winter fashion: “I love even the slightly mention of snow or chilly weather.

“It’s just another reason to pull out the cosy scarfs and cute bubble hats. I just see it as an excuse to be even more stylish and warm.”