Callum Campbell

Former UoM IT professional stabbed in San Francisco robbery

His injuries are described as ‘life-threatening’

Snow predicted to hit Manchester this weekend

It probably won’t settle

Employers rank Manchester as the fourth best UK uni

We’re 24th in the world

Piccadilly Gardens is the fifth top crime hot spot in the UK

It’s the worst crime spot in Greater Manchester

Manchester prostitute offers 20 per cent student discount for sex lessons

She claims business is booming

Manchester ranked 33rd best uni in the world

That’s over 700 higher than Man Met

Medic fresher uses CPR revision to save neighbour’s life

And you thought your revision was stressful

United star’s fresher girlfriend hit with cruel tweet by betting firm

You can bet they regret it

Antwerp will accept FOOD for entry this Saturday night

You can pay in baked beans and rice krispies

Your course stereotypes are hurting our feelings

Geography isn’t just colouring in

Cockroach joins romantic meal on curry mile

Roach curry anyone

Small Desk Pete: ‘I have my life back’

One year on

DJ deafened by cannon blaster at Sankeys just hours before his set

It has ruined Lil Louis’ career

Masked gunman in Withington holds up betting shop and makes off with bags of cash

Staff were left shaken

Now cruel uni staff charge 15p for ALL café condiments in Ali G and the libary

Forkgate continues

Brazen driver blocks off pavement in front of Mega Chicken

It was chaos

Manchester churns out seventh most investment bankers in the country

Coming here is a wise investment

‘I’d rather not take any risks’: Students left terrified after meningitis death

Death of OP student sends shock waves through Manchester

Bus driver snapped driving with his feet up on the dashboard

They see me rollin’

Spending more money in freshers’ makes you cooler

We’ve done a graph and everything

I’m going to Parklife and I won’t be taking MD

It’s a cliche but it’s true – you don’t need drugs for a good time

Small Desk Pete: I just want my life back

This fresher has the smallest desk in his halls and it’s ruining everything

Eight things you always say you’ll do, but never actually do

Get fit, revise or just generally try harder. Don’t pretend this doesn’t apply to you

Kendropout! Kendrick Lamar pulls out of Parklife

A$AP Rocky swoons in as flakey Kendrick faces tour clash

Your mum texted, she wants you to go to Afterlife

Thousands of confused students receive odd message from their mothers promoting Parklife afterparty

Things you do for the first time at university

There’s a first time for everything

The inevitable stages of Tinder

Still not a Tinder pro? Take our advice