Police raid huge weed farm on Rippingham Road

There was a basement full of bud

The Greater Manchester Police cracked down on a 500 plant cannabis farm on Wednesday on Rippingham Road in Withington.

After a tip off from the maintenance manager of the house, the police arrived at around midday on Wednesday, before forcing entry to the house and sticking around for over four hours.


The tenants of the house, which looks on to Old Moat Park, are thought to have been growing for a couple of years, which had been noticed by neighbours who often smelt ganj as they passed the house in question.

Talking to The Tab, third year Ash who lives on Rippingham Road  said: “I’ve smelt weed so many times walking past the house but never thought anything of it. Who knew there was a weed factory two doors down from us?”

Equally surprised by the closeness of the raid, third year Matt told The Tab: “I definitely noticed the smell yesterday but didn’t think it was that.”