Manchester prostitute offers 20 per cent student discount for sex lessons

She claims business is booming

Desperate students across Manchester have been turning to prostitute Kat Lee with their loans for sexual lessons.

With the 29-year-old offering 20 per cent off her £140-an-hour fee with a valid student card Kat explained how the business was booming due to an increase in sex hungry students.

She told The Daily Star how it had gone crazy with all these “lovely young students” who were spending their money on sex rather than stocking up on food and books.

The Manchester based escort described how this “tradition” started last year when a string of fresh-faced university students started to booked her.

She mentioned that having already seen a few older students the word about her spread. During freshers’ week last year her business went crazy and the same has since happened again this year, with 17 students making a booking within the first two days of Freshers’ week.

When describing the type of students that visit her she stated how quite often she would get virgins who can’t wait to have their first taste of sex and how they were quick to overcome their shyness as she had a way with them.

“I work hard to put them at ease. I am their sex teacher. I have had no complaints so far and often they leave with a big smile on their face.”

Bemused Economics student Andrew gave us his verdict on the bizarre trend, he said:“I can’t believe so many students are rushing to this lady for sex when they haven’t even been here a week.

“Surely they should at least give Freshers’ week a proper go and see if they can get lucky without the need to pay an extortionate amount for sex that is as meaningful as a one night stand.”

Kat also went on to explain that the students that book her came from a range of backgrounds, including international students and even disabled students.

She said, “I also had a booking with a disabled student who was brought to me by his best friend. He told me he couldn’t wait to lose his virginity and that I had been recommended. He was such a sweetheart. He said the sex was amazing and what better way to lose his virginity than with a lady who knows what she’s doing. I was happy to oblige.”

Speaking to the Tab, an International student from Europe said “You see many students coming over to the UK with more money than they know what to do with. I’m not surprised why many of her customers are international”.

When explaining the reason why many students are choosing to book her for a heated session Kat explained that for some, the freedom of university was like a new lease of life and the first thing they want to do is get laid.

She hinted that there seemed to be a lot of virgins around this year though and jokingly suggested it should be renamed virgin week.