We showed Azeem around Fallowfield

He thought Nando’s was a strip club

We hung out with the overnight internet sensation during his UK tour.

The refreshingly modest superstar flutist and his side man Timmy, aka DJ Underbelly, played an unforgettable set at Squirrel’s last night and we thought it would be unfair to let our favourite musicians leave Manchester without tasting the true flavour of Manchester student life, the creme de la creme of neighbourhoods, Fallowfield.

To kick off Azeem’s M14 visit, it made sense to pop to the almighty Gaff’s for some of their infamous whipped cream and some party essentials.

His angelic face screams innocence

After a confusing experience, in which Azeem told us he didn’t get the hype, it was time for our uni dreams to come true as we went for a cheeky Nando’s with our American buddy.

To leave the delights of the grimy student abyss that is Fallowfield, we popped down to Parrs Wood Nando’s where we discovered that before travelling across the pond for their UK tour the Californian duo believed the Cheeky Nando’s experience was at first some kind of strip club or sexual activity.

When the squad on fleek for their Nando’s

And since realising this was not the case, the pair have devoured delicious Peri Peri chicken six times since the beginning of September, with many more venues still to play, although it was obvious ours was the cheekiest.

Creeping Azeem

Having already played live shows in St Andrews, Leeds and Oxford it was the turn of Manchester’s finest establishment to host the flute magician dubbed to rival Ron Burgundy.

In the build up to his set, Azeem revealed how his style of music had adapted from the live stream back in May to meet the demand of his new target audience.

“A classical recital doesn’t always go down so well in a club so we have created a set of music for the audience. We are constantly working on our set so expect it to change by the end of our tour.”

Not only did Squrriels Bar provide a fitting venue but the crowd also got fully involved, with two members displaying a massive homemade WE LOVE AZEEM sign, hauled across Fallowfield in true devotion.

A packed Squirrels

As expected the pair were inundated with selfie requests after their show but the party did not stop there.

Happy fans

Speaking about the performance second year Charlie said: “I was not expecting that. I thought it was going to be a typical classical recital but I’m so glad they came in and played in such a modern, current form”.

Azeem and Timmy went on to celebrate a successful night in Manchester at Koh Tao and a chance for the star to mingle with their fans, typifying what their UK tour has been all about.

Fresher Anna couldn’t contain her excitement of meeting the star himself: “After all the hype over the last few months on social media I did not expect to find myself watching Azeem live before heading out with him afterwards”

Dismissing his unexpected rise to fame as luck, Azeem told The Tab: “It could have happened to anyone, it just happened to be me.”

“Going viral is the closest thing our generation has to an act of god”, added Timmy.

Speaking about his and Timmy’s plans going forward, Azeem told us “The world is a big place and I’m lucky enough to have got the chance to across the world and share our music with the people I like, a.k.a the fans.”

“We’re planning to work on an EP upon our return to the US”.

Watch this space.