Vice crashes Wellington Road house party to chat about politics


Vice have released a video of a Manchester house party where they ask students “what young British voters are really thinking” about the upcoming election.

The predictable vid features close-up shots of pills, tons of Adidas and a sickening amount of glitter. At one point it even shows one party-goer smoking holding a crumpled beer can.

After a trip to The Ram, cutesy nerd presenter Gavin Haynes goes to a house party on Wellington Road dressed like a vicar.

There he joins in all the fun of an edgy Manchester house party doing balloons while talking about political issues.

A second year told The Tab: “He was smashed so he wasn’t taking it very seriously.”

OMG pills

When asked about Vice’s portrayal, a second year Biology student said she thought the video was completely unrepresentative: “It’s stupid asking students when they’re that drunk.”

“It just makes us look like we have little interest or knowledge of politics.”

A Green Party supporter appearing in the video told The Tab: “It was pretty embarrassing seeing myself drunkenly expressing her support for Gavin.”

She added: “I remember none of it!”

All the hunniez

Surely not


Luckily for us, and thanks to Vice this tragic house party is on the internet forever.