‘Disrespectful’ and ‘rude’ MP John Leech blasted for not doing enough to tackle rapes

The party pooper’s back

A local MP has been branded “disrespectful” and “rude” for the way he dealt with complaints about a series of rapes in Fallowfield.

Local MP John Leech – who brought up house parties in Parliament – acted like “a school teacher correcting mistakes” in a response to a former student who raised concerns about the attacks.

University of Manchester resarcher Jonjo Miller emailed his concerns to the Manchester Withington MP, who he called “really fucking rude” for concentrating on shutting down our parties instead.

The former student contacted the Lib Dem regarding the number of vile sexual attacks in his constituency, but was disgusted with the MP’s tone and accuses the MP of raising unimportant issues.

Leech told The Tab: “I have raised the issue with the police and argued for more police patrols in parliament.”

But Jonjo, who graduated in 2012, said that he “was genuinely shocked and disgusted by how and what [John Leech] wrote”.

Jonjo, now a medical researcher at the uni, claimed Leech acted “as a school teacher correcting mistakes … and rather than listened to my concerns, blamed students and brought in loads of irrelevant crap.”

However, a petition to to step up police patrols in Fallowfield with almost 8,000 signatures confirms the deep concern that students have for their safety.

Jonjo said he thought MP Leech would “want to help protect people” after being disgusted that girls are scared to walk down their own street at night.

In his response the Lib Dem MP said it was scandalous that money is being spent on dealing with the ongoing prevention of house parties and anti-social behaviour in general, rather than concentrating on crime prevention.

But he backtracked, claiming that “the issue of safety was not raised at all” during his meetings with students.

Feeling betrayed by his MP, Jonjo finished his email writing: “I voted for you in the last election and it seems to me that standing up for the weak, and protecting people, is something the Liberal Democrat party stands for.”

Jonjo Miller

Speaking directly to The Tab, John Leech said: “I am constantly accused of taking no interest in students.

“It’s nonsense.

“I don’t know why no one has asked the MP for Gorton, Gerald Kaufman, what he’s doing in response to the attacks.”

Leech continued his rant, adding: “I’m accused for party political reasons. It’s a systematic attack from Labour Students.

“They’re always up to silly games.”

The criticisms come just a year after Leech was lambasted by blog Graduate Fog for persistently recruiting “desperate” young people for unpaid work.