Library café staff deny hiding card machine because the queue is too long

They said it needs charging for an hour everyday

Defensive library café staff have firmly denied they are hiding the card machine when the queue is long. 

Changeless students have complained that café staff have been pretending it is out of order.

But when we asked if this was true, one said: “Are you serious?

“The machine has to be turned off for an hour every day to recharge.

“Whoever said that we are pretending should come and watch it charging.”

No queue for once

A familiar sight


Staff have allegedly been overheard planning to pretend the machine is out of order because “the queue was too long” and then refusing card payment from customers.

Fuming third year Hattie used her card to buy a drink in the cafe last week when she claims to have overheard the sneaky comment. She said: “I heard the ladies say that they were going to tell people that the card machine was broken after me because the queue was too long.

“I don’t know if I’ve picked a fight with the wrong people, but I wont stand by whilst people who have no cash cant get a coffee. It’s human rights.”

A similar scenario was witnessed by third year Hannah Kessler: “The same thing happened to me.”

On Monday, Charlie Lewis claims staff were so desperate not to use the card machine that they knocked a quid off his meal deal. He said: “I only had £2.50 in small coins but they were so adamant not to use the card machine they accepted that anyway…it was for the meal deal which is around £3.50.”