Pangaea was sick

What else is new

As per, Pangaea was bloody brilliant and the Space Odyssey theme with huge headlining names such as TEED, Congo Natty and XXXY made it even better than before.

The decorations

The place where we’d been sitting exams in two days ago was transformed into a far away galaxy twinkling with stars, aliens, flashing lights, quite a lot of tin foil and general spacey vibes in 16 venues.

The Music

The festival’s line-up was not one to be faulted, with the likes of Paul Woolford and Mr Scruff tearing up the Academies.

TEED in Academy 1

Following tradition, the top floor of the SU offered 8 extra rooms of music from student DJs, with Jammin Beats DJs starting off with some absolute bangers and Play No Games DJs finishing off the night with a few disco classics.

And for those wanting a bit of a sing-a-long to divas such as Beyoncé, hours were spent in the Council Chambers transformed into a Star Wars vs Back to the Future silent disco.

The Outfits

With possibly the best theme yet, everyone had gone to town with their costumes. We saw portable fairy lights, metallic face paint, explosions of glitter and even a risky ensemble made out of tin foil.

Ben said he was the night sky (we could see his willy through that morph suit)

full points for effort Annabel and Olivia

these girls don’t fuck about

why not make-shift with what you have in the kitchen?

What’s new?

This year they were handing out maps with set times on entry so you don’t get lost in the maze, as well as some pretty funky souvenir wristbands.

There were also added venues as a couple of pop-up igloos were dotted about, meaning we had more places to explore.

RAG were running a charity photobooth was for every vain alien’s needs.

Cute bbz

And there was even a Band-a-oke room – enough said.

Rockin owt

With copious amounts of fun, and arguably the best Pangaea to date, big things will be expected from this Summer’s Pangaea end of exam blow out!