The UK’s biggest pouters: Manchester take the most selfies in the country

Manchester crowned the UK’s selfie capital

We could be the vainest students in the country, as people in Manchester take more selfies than anyone else in the UK.

Subtle, but it's a definite pout. And its definitely Unacceptable.

Now defined in the Oxford English Dictionary, selfies (now acceptable) are taken more times in Manchester than other urban areas, even London.

Note: This photo was taken in the name of journalism to make a point, I did not actually lose 5-0 at FIFA, and to be honest I rarely ever lose generally.


It’s becoming difficult to imagine a world with out the selfie function on your phone – so it might come as no surprise that we love using it more than any other city in the country.

Life's hard when you're in love


And even more embarrassingly, we’re ranked 7th in the world – our city is home to a whopping 114 selfie-takers per 100,000 people.

Some of life's unanswerable questions

Some of life’s unanswerable questions

But those pouty self-taken snaps aren’t just for personal use – Manchester’s selfie-taking-inhabitants were measured by the number of times ‘selfie’ was hashtagged on Instagram in a certain area.



According to Time Magazine, a few other UK cities managed to make the top thirty selfie locations, but they’ve got nothing on us.

Our northern counterparts in Leeds came in at number 19 and Cardiff at number 26.

World vanity’s at its height in the Philippines, where Makati City has snatched the crown for ‘Selfie Capital of the World’.

In Makati City, over 80 selfies are taken per 100,000 people – that’s a lot of Instagrams (and probably a great deal more Snapchats)!



But what makes an acceptable selfie?