Manchescorch! We’re hotter than Ibiza

Heat wave to hit Manchester next week… and it’s still winter

heat Ibiza Manchester scorching spring temperature uni wave

Having to spend the majority of the uni year in blistering cold and pouring rain, we sometimes deserve some decent weather.

So you’ll be happy to hear that Manchester could reach up to 18 °C next week.

A little more leg than your average day an JRUL


Despite the rainy season staying until the weekend, temperatures could soar next week to at least double what we usually get in March.

gilbert sq

Take that Ibiza

Even more bizarrely – it’ll be even hotter than Ibiza, who will only get a chilly 16 degrees.

Beer all of sudden becomes everyone's drink of choice

Time to get the beers in?

And with the sun staying out till about half 6 by the end of the month, we’ll no longer have to suffer through the depression of being in a 4pm seminar while it’s pitch black outside.

We need this

We need this

Better get the tanning lotion out ready then.