Peri-fect form: It’s time to stop grilling Januzaj

Leave the poor boy alone – just because he’s a pro-footballer doesn’t mean he has to splash the cash

With the birthday celebrations of Adnan Januzaj just behind us, perhaps it’s time to stop grilling the lad for taking that bird to Nando’s.

Poor lad

Yes, he’s a footballer. Yes, he earns a lot of money. But since when did having two such privileges ensure the certainty of an expensive night out in Manchester?

Never before did I think I would be cheering on a Man United player, but the joy that rose inside of me on hearing the news of his cheeky date to Nando’s was too much to suppress. Whether you like football or not, whether you like Nando’s or not, you have to admit that Adnan Januzaj has earned himself a couple of lad points with this one.

Thank you peri much

While many observers may sympathise with poor Melissa for the dreadfully ‘stingy’ evening she was subjected to (perhaps even empathise with her), others are saluting the boy from Brussels for his nonchalance, modesty and for absolutely bossing it. Even Nando’s have even shown they’re support for him with a £50 voucher to be used on his next visit.

The girl left disappointed with Januzaj’s stingy antics

So with all this hype, and with his performance on the pitch receiving due credit in the form of the Player of the Month award, a quick round-up of his off-the-pitch scoring ability seems necessary:

  • Decision making – 8/10 (excellent choice of restaurant)
  • Balance – 7/10 (I hear Adnan has his chicken ‘medium’)
  • Flair – 9/10 (he is, after all, a football player for Manchester United)
  • Ball control – 7/10 (we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt)
  • Long shots – 7/10 (managed to get a £50 Nando’s voucher)
  • Finishing – 9/10 (got the result)
  • Vision – 1/10 (did he really think he could get away with that?)

A PERI-fect date

All in all, a decent debut from the Belgian. Though perhaps next time take her to a fancy Italian restaurant (I hear Pizza Hut is pretty good).