Quiz: North Campus or North Korea?

Do you know your DMZ from your Sackville Street?

The writing is on the wall. In just four years time the University of Manchester’s historic North Campus will be no more as University bigwigs move everything south to a single Oxford Road campus. We at The Tab have collected some gorgeous snaps of North Campus to test your knowledge of this historic corner of Manchester before it is gone forever. See if you know your North Campus from your North Korea. Answers at the bottom of the page.

At the risk of sounding like a crusty invigilator: you may begin!


Picture 1: Pyongyang or Pyongmanc?

North Campus 2

Picture 2: 5th Avenue or 53rd Parallel?


Picture 3: Gulag or Science Lab?

North Campus 1

Picture 4: Near the station or hermit nation?


Picture 5: Trains to prison or trains to Preston?


Picture 6: Axis of evil or access to learning?


North Campus 2,4,6

North Korea 1,3,5